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The apparel of cloth proclaims the man

It is the dress that catches the attention of the world first.Often if not always,dress is an index of character of the man.It is the the man who has the previlege to put on garments.Therefore dress has been a sign of culture and civilisation .Many time dress speaks of the likings,tastes and profession of the man.So it is said that the dress often declares what the man is.The very first look at the dress of a man leads us to the conclusion about his nature,position or occupation.Carlyle has said,”Society is founded upon clothes.”Can we not recognise a clergy or a soldier or a doctor or a judge from his respective dress?Likewise a Nurse or an Actress can be easily known at the first glance.There is a remarkable difference between a crown and a helmet.Thus the difference in dress is not limited to a particular society.As many men,so is the no of minds and similarly there are different national dresses of different nations.It is the appearance that makes the first impression on us.So dress is the key that opens the mind of man’s character.So it can be said that the apparel often,if not always ,proclaims the man.

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  1. jmalhotra says:

    Styakam you are very right in saying so clothes does play a role in recoganising a person in a crowd…very well said..

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