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The uses of adversity are really sweet and blessed. Outwardly adversity is as ugly and venomous as toad, but if look minutely or inwardly it is as precious as jewel.It pays in the long run, It is a blessing in disguise. It may appear to be throwing cold waters on the plans of earnest worker but ultimately it is discovered to have acted as a great stimulant. Almost all great men were born and bred in the school of adversity.

Adversity shapes men better than anything else. It brings out the best of them. It revels to them their innate virtues. It makes them aware of their real friends, gives them self knowledge and self confidence. Gandhi might not have attained his full stature had the British not illtreated him in Africa. It is only the test of adversity which proves one’s heroic qualities. it is not only test our qualities but also polishes them. I know it is easy to write usefulness of adversity, but in real life u have to show great courage to face it.

It is well said that prosperity multiplies friends and adversity tries them. In this way adversity is a touchstone to judge true friendship.

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