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Propaganda is the breath of modern life . In almost all spheres of our hectic life , we feel the necessity of propaganda and advertisement . Nothing seems to be within reach of achievement without the aid of propaganda . Only those who can shout from the house tops are able to catch attention and come in limelight . Those who make the loudest noise about themselves and their wares are successful in stealing a march over other people who do not seek the aid of the mighty weapon of success in modern life .

The importance of propaganda in modern life can be understood properly by examining its utility in various spheres of our political , economic , social and literary life. In the field of politics , propaganda plays a very important part . Both in Democracy and Dictatorship , propaganda has the highest value . It performs a significant role in shaping the political life of a country . In democracy , the popularity of the leaders has to be kept up by making propaganda in their favour by their secretaries and the press correspondents.

Propaganda plays very important part in the social field. In order to eradicate social evils,it is necessary for us to make propaganda against their bad effects and carry our message to the masses.
The evils in society ,like dowry, child abuse, widow’s conditions could partially be removed because good deal of spade —work has been done through propaganda by reformers.

Propaganda is necessary for our life .There is no harm if it is made on sound lines.

If there is truth behind propaganda ,there is no harm. But the evil creeps in when false propaganda based on lies is made out by interested parties and the public is duped by the false facts which are paraded as truth in the propaganda market.

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