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What is fate?

“What is Fate?”Nasruddin was asked by a scholar,”Is it one cause and one effect?”
No,said Nasruddin,”Fate is a succession of intertwined events,some precedent,some happening after and all influencing one other.”
Saying this ,Mullah glanced out of the window.A procession was passing by in the street,with drummets beating a rhythm.Taking in the view mullah continued “See.They are taking the that man to be hanged.I know the case and i wonder :will that man die today because someone gave him a silver coin which he used to buy a knife with which he committed the murder to steal a purse ?Was it because someone saw him do it?or was it because no body stopped him from committing the crime?”

There is no one single cause and its effect wise perceivers will see reality behind the veil of cause and effect.

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