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Tips for glowing and younger looking skin

Tips for glowing and younger looking skin
If you make your glowing and younger then you should take balanced diet(Salad,juice, fruits, vegetable ,and green leafy vegetable ,dry fruits,etc.)and drink a lot of water because balanced diet and water is more important for our body and skin. Drink 10-12 glass of water everyday. Water removes the toxins from the body and refreshes your skin and makes in glow. Water hydrates your skin and keeps it supple. Reduce the oil intake in your diet Avoid oily food. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid drugs, alcohol and oils.
You should do 1 hour Yoga.Yoga can play an important role in maintaining a fine balance between work and healthy mind and skin.
1- You can use sandal face pack once a week.
2-Take regular facials every month with bleach. Use sunscreen lotion in a day time.
3-You should use home made Ubtan once a week.
Make a paste from 1cup beson+1 spoon turmeric+2 spoon gulaberi +1 spoon lemon juice +milk cream and apply whole body, leave for 10 minutes and clean it with simple water .
This is very useful for fairer and glowing skin.
4-Add one spoon calamine powder ,1spoon sandal powder ,1-2 drops lemon .This paste apply your face and wash after 30 minutes you get oil free and fairness skin .
You can use this tips .You will get glowing and younger looking skin.

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  1. lkjhgf says:

    Females will definately try out this herbal method as soon as they read this blog to make their skin more glowy.

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