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The word comes Yoga from Sanskrit language and mean union and merger.Yoga is most important for our body and mind .The main aim of this Yoga is to strike a balance between mind and body and attain self enlightenment. Yoga can play an important role in maintaining a fine balance betbeen work and healthy mind.
Regular practice of Yog aasans and Pranayam has in many cases provided relief in various ailments. Research and innumerable case studies shows that Yog and Pranayam helps control Acidity, Allergy, Asthma, Backache, Blood Pressure Syndrome, Depression, Diabetes, , Gastric Disorders, Headaches, Heart Diseases, Obesity, Migraine, Sciatica Pain, Sinus, Weakness etc.
The best time for practicing yoga is in morning .To get started you need to have confidence in yourself . To practice yoga you must choose a place which is clam,quiet and dust free . You must also drink a glass of lukewarm water before you start yoga .Wait for a few minute and then you can start .
If you practice a yoga , your diet should be a balanced and you should eat after an interval of 4 hours.Over eating and fasting should be avoided.

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  1. jmalhotra says:


    one should do yoga regularly to keep physically and mentally fit and along with that a diet control should also be maintained

  2. lkjhgf says:

    Now the western people are becoming the more health conscious and have started many yoga tutorials and is more in practice there.

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