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Artfull Living – Controling Anger

Life is full of emotions all around, both negative and positive. Anger is one such emotions of life, which has a negative effect on oneself and on others on whom it is directed.

Talking of anger, it is one of the most dangerous of all emotions, which can best be avoided. Anger is generally out of ones own in-ability to do certain things or may be someone else in not doing ones duty properly. In both the situations, the control is within us and if one understands and acts accordingly things would be definitely better.

Any emotions out of our own inability resulting in anger should be better done by understanding the crux of the problem and work towards resolving and doing it in a better way. Take the example of not performing well in an exam. There would be no point in showing that in the form of anger or outburst. It is only going to increase our troubles and tension. The better way is to analyse the cause for the poor performance and work towards doing better. Which gives a better focus and comfort.

Similarly in the instance of anger resulting out of someone else’s act, it is best that it is ignored or alternatively a peaceful dialog would definitely ease the tension for both. Take the instance of an erratic pedestrian, crossing the road without proper care, and if the person happens to be in your way, there is no point in screaming at the person, even if the person is at fault. This would only deteriorate the situation causing mental tension to both, there by sometimes leading to concentration lapse and causing accident else were. If ignored or a small bit of advice is given to the person committing the mistake, the mental balance is maintained there by avoiding any further mishaps out of mental imbalance.

Control Anger and make life pleasant.

Artfull Living – Control Emotions

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