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Attachment with Detachment

Life as all know is temporary. Every beginning has an end. That which comes during the intervening period is also temporary. There is nothing called as yours or mine. All of us came into this world naked and with empty hands and will leave also Naked and with nothing to carry.

This concept may seem apparent and obvious, but how many of us understand this. Right from the day we are born, we come with a closed fist. Indicating as though we want to hold on to everything. As we traverse the path of life we try to latch on to everything claiming possession with utmost attachment. The mother, the father, brothers, sisters, friends, relatives are relationship with which we cling on to thinking that they will never leave. But the fact of life is these relationships tend to either break away or that the possession is taken over by someone. The sister and brother, daughter and son gets married off and the possession as a result the attachment gets shared. As days go by, the Mother and the father also get separated from our lives as the law of nature. Knowing this why do we, get emotionally upset when such events occur.

Similarly, everyone looks at acquiring all the worldly possessions and the attachment towards that objective sometimes, drives them to adopt methods, which may not be right. Off course, I do not also say that everyone acquires those by devious means, but the effect of possessing and the attachment and importance one gives, has a long-term effect. This could be even suicidal, if the attachments to possessions are intense and when the same disappears from one.

These emotional disturbances, out of loosing ones possession can be overcome, if one has a detached attachment.

In simple terms, what we have today, we may not have to-morrow or what is ours may be someone else’s is clearly understood; life would be simple and easy for all.

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3 Responses

  1. betterlife says:

    Humans have limited intelligence and have no knowledge of what they did in their previous births. They do not even know everything about their current birth. Life, which we are living today, is only one link of the endless chain of life and death. We come in this world with the result of our actions in previous births; and we will leave this world with result of actions added to that in this birth.

    It is natural that we become attached to the world around us. But we have to be careful that this attachment should not become so strong so that it becomes difficult to detach when the time comes to lave this world.

    “प्रेम करो सबसे, नफरत न करो किसी से”
    “Love all, Hate none”

  2. jmalhotra says:


    one should live a simple and decent life beyond the concept of haves and have nots …

  3. Swathi says:

    your blog is superb…………
    One should always havee a simple life and surely thats the best life

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