Ban Cigarette Production

Cigarette has become a bane on the lives of human beings. The addiction to it is growing in alarming proportions. After all human mind is very easily susceptible to influences. But then one may argue as to why is it that only a few are addicted to this habit. But then I will argue that every human has addiction to some habit or the other and the mind is influenced in such other addictive habit.

The objective of the union health minister in reducing the numbers of smokers is to be appreciated, but the strategy of slapping penalties on the smokers, or other restrictive methods by way of preventing movies and advt. from displaying one smoking is all wrong. Instead of attacking the root of the problem, he is only increasing the scope for corruption.

Ideally what he should be doing is to force the closure of all cigarette manufacturing companies in India, ban all tobacco plantations and then we can see a definite improvement in his objective.

But let me tell you, he will not attempt any such thing as ITC the biggest producer of cigarettes in India has the money power to influence the political circles.

The analogy that I can think of is like having a bevy of nude dancers in front of someone and asking the person not have any sexual urge. Even the great Sage Vishmitra succumbed to such basic instincts, when Menaka the celestial beauty angel came dancing in front of him when he was doing a penance.

The best way to prevent people from smoking is to stop its production.

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8 Responses

  1. lkjhgf says:

    Sudden stopage of the production of the cigarette is not the valid option. The addicted persone to the cigarette could not suddenly stop the habbit of smoking suddenly. The action of leaving the smoking habbit should be in the reducing manner. Also rehabitation camp does the same trick.

    The virtue lies in the struggle, not the prize.

  2. Service_to_all says:


    I beg to disagree. I have a personal experience. I was a smoker for several years, and I did attempt at what you had mentioned, in gradually reducing. It never worked. In fact it only increased the intake. The only way to stop the intake, is to have an abrupt stoppage by way of a resolution especially given to a loved one. One may have withdrawal symptoms, but that has to be overcome, by repeated thinking of the loved one for whom, the resolution was taken.


  3. lkjhgf says:

    Good to see the person who have left smoking thinking not only for himself but also thinking of the loved ones. The people should take example of urs and go ahead.

    The virtue lies in the struggle, not the prize.

  4. UWON says:

    Dear no one can stop its production because there is corruption everywhere and one can do anything with money power.

  5. dulaliputra says:

    A nice gesture. Yes, a vested interest lobby will not permit to stop it. A gradual closure, with the option of employment opportunity to the huge human resources which will become jobless wiill be required to be planned.

  6. jmalhotra says:


    if the cigarette will not be available in the market then how will they smoke…it should be done with immediate effect..come what may….very welcome suggesstion …hope GOVT is listening to ur call

  7. abhirup20002 says:

    Really feeling very proud that you are one of our friends.

    Your view & your points are very appropriate.

    Everyone should read this blog & learn something new .

    Please share something more like this.

    Thanks for sharing this view.



  8. Ruby says:

    Because of smoking, many injuries is caused for the health, for example, cancer has occured to many peopel known to us. Then why this unhealthy habit which leads to pitch of darkness. Jesus Loves U.

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