Celebrities and Media Attention

There is a general feeling amongst the celebrities and the public that media is controlling the private lives of celebrities. Who is to be blamed? The general tendency is to blame the media for this. But on a careful analysis, it will be apparent that it is not the media which is to be blamed.

The fact that people are talking about celebrities and how the media is interferring in their lives is itself an indication of the success of the media. Moreover there are several dimensions to it.

First of all celebrities by the very definition have to give up their personal likes and dislikes when it comes to media attention. For it is only because of the media that they have gained celebrity status. They cannot afford to shun the media as otherwise, the media can even go to the extent of ruining their carriers. I challenge any of the celebrities to openly oppose the media for peeking into their personal lives. They will never do that. They are more bothered about their glamour and celebrity status than the interference in their lives. They only make a mild statement of opposition to the media interference.

There is also the public acceptance to it. Why do you think the media would be putting their time and efforts for a cause from which they will not be benefited. After all they also make their revenues from viewership and advt. ratings based on viewership.

So there is no reason why we should blame the media. It is only the celebrities and the public who lap up all these, are to be blamed.

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  1. madhu_vamsi says:


    Some scapegoat is needed for a slaughter. So media is the scapegoat, but media should not peep into the personal life of the celebrities. In my opinion both media & celebrities are blaming each and we people view it in some stupid channel wasting all our valuable time.

    Madhu Vamsi….

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