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When will people ever learn?

Cheating, Cheating and more cheating has become the order of the day. We have seen several fraudulent Chit (CHEAT) Companies make their booty and wind up, leaving the ordinary small time middle class investors absolutely on the streets.

We have also seen several poor middle class youths, in their lure to make a decent living abroad, especially the gulf, pay huge money out of loan taken at exorbitant interest rates, in advance to brokers and agents, who promise employment in the gulf, and ultimately get cheated.

There also these several Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) companies who promise quick and huge money and that to on a perennial basis, in the name of network marketing, trapping even the educated lot. This they claim requires little or no effort.

Last but not the least, we have the representatives from various govt. depts., who cheat the general public. The tashildar’s and the land registration depts. provide fake encumbrance certificates, only for the genuine owner of the small piece of land to realize at some point in time that he is no longer the owner of the land.

Why has this come to stay? If one ponders for some time, it would be very easy to come to a conclusion. Cheaters and cheating survive only because there are people who present themselves like a goat taken for slaughter. The lure for quick money, forgetting that only hard-earned money stays, blanks out the analytical thinking process. As a result, the trap set by the cheaters has enough people en-trapped who inadvertently want to get cheated.

So BEWARE. Don’t claim sympathy latter, after submitting yourself voluntarily to get CHEATED.


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2 Responses

  1. lkjhgf says:

    People r learning how to cheat instead of avoiding this thing.
    they opt to select for shortcuts to achieve money all the way.

  2. Swathi says:

    People are not at all willing to sincerely work or be careful………..
    Its like fools make fool of the clever ones in a very clever manner

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