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Confusion and Intelligence

There is a school of thought that believes that; to be confused requires great intelligence. Doesn’t this seem to be a paradox? Well it appears so when this is looked at, at a macro level. A deeper understanding will clearly provide some insights into clarifying the misconstrued contradiction.

Any one who believes that one has complete clarity, is either shielding his alter ego or that he is completely ignorant. An individual who knows that clarity has not been reached to the question one is searching for and yet acknowledges attainment of clarity is only trying to protect ones ego from being looked down or scoffed upon. These people fail to understand that asking genuine questions to have a better understanding is a trait, and should have the courage to accept that there could be others who may have the answers or that there could be some who may treat people like worms. To ignore such feelings becomes a virtue and then one has unlimited questions to seek and wealth of information to gather.

Questions arise only when there is some basic understanding of the subject, which is definitely related to intelligence. As one tries to relate and inter-relate thoughts to multiple subjects, more questions arise. These are definitely a reflection of the understanding or intelligence of the person seeking to establish inter-disciplinary relationships. As the questions lie un-answered, the confusions persist and to accept, shows the intelligence.

Those who claim clarity most times are only trying to project an image of intelligence.

Next time, when you are in a state of confusion, accept, acknowledge, announce and seek for answers until you are satisfied. Never let your false ego stop you from understanding the problems in it entirety. Keep asking questions and that is the best way to learn.

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  1. abhirup20002 says:

    The most Intelligence is to clear the confusions. Yes you are true in your observation.

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