Cultural Genocide in Tibet

Tibet the land of peace loving Buddhist monks has been almost run over by the communist Chinese regime. The china has for several years been continuously cleansing the area and destroying the culture and heritage of a peace loving clan.

The atrocities that are now being committed by the Chinese army, is not being questioned by the Human rights organization. All atrocities that are being committed on the innocents of Tibet have been completely blocked by the Chinese administration. The Internet has been completely blocked on anything related to Tibet. All the foreign correspondents covering the recent clashes have been asked to leave. There has been a complete blackout of all news on Tibet.

The parliament had a fiery debate on this issue. The entire parliament was united on this issue except the LEFT. Knowing the LEFT’s affinity to China, this was very much expected.

If China is allowed to take control over Tibet, we can soon expect, Nepal and most of our North Eastern region to be taken over by China in the not so distant future.

The Dalai Lama is fighting a loosing battle to save Tibet from the clutches of the autocratic Chinese regime.

Let us all hope that the UN intervenes in this issue and stop further genocide on Tibet.

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  1. sajeevss says:

    All the countries should boycott the comming OLympic games untill Peace and normalcy return to Tibet. This is the right time to put pressure on the Chineese govenment as they cannot do without the games going ahead

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