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Dedication to Motherhood


From Mutual love of your parents
The mother’s womb you start to rent.

Connected beautifully by umbilical Chord,
Swimming through she gleefully accords.

For months in the water bed you sleep,
She mouths her feed for you to jump and leap.

Every move you make she feels and bears,
The mix of kicks, with pain and no tears.

Arrival she greets with pleasure and pain,
Sheer marvel, treats with leisure to entertain.

Out from her womb and into the world,
Yet Into the bosom warmth she holds.

She feels and touches your every limb,
The heights of ecstasy she climbs.

Language of signs and sounds she understands,
Bondage so fine and grand it stands.

Always there to attend and feed,
Sways never to fend her needs.

She sleeps when you sleep and dream,
wakes up before you weep and scream

The moves you make and steps you take,
She will dance in tune for your sake.

The teacher in her, shapes you to learn,
The preacher in her, makes mentally clean.

As she enjoys your every growth
She buoys with energy in every breath.

Always there to support whatever your age,
with careful rapport, forever to your advantage.

Though for her you are a worthy gift,
Bow to her and forever never drift.

Mother and Motherhood of true relations
The ultimate in Love and pure affection

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  1. jmalhotra says:


    motherhood is only gifted to the great mothers ..and all of us are blessed with ONE … so that they are not deprieved of love ad affection in their life…lovely thoughts..

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