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Effective Communication

Communication is the transfer of thought process from one individual to another. This could be in any form so long as the communicator and the one, who is communicated, understand the contents of the thought process.

Language, Sign Language, body language etc are various forms of communication. Some are Visual; some are oral while some are written. What ever be the form, the objective is to understand and be understood. If this objective is achieved, it is considered Effective Communication.

The basic principle of effective communication is that both the communicator and the one being communicated need to understand each others capabilities and levels perception of the language.

Think of a visual communication to a blind, a oral communication to a deaf or a spoken language which the other does not understand. It becomes a one-way affair.

Coming to next major aspect of communication of when the language that is used is acceptable to both, the importance should be on the level of perception of the language. This aspect comes into significance when it comes to oral and written communication. Think of a situation where the orator or the writer has complete control over all the available words in the dictionary of the language and its grammar, while the other has decent grasp over the language. If the orator or the writer attempts to display his command over the language by using flowery and complicated words, then also the objective of communication is defeated.

Therefore, it is best that awareness is there about the capabilities. In situations where the awareness cannot be determined, it is best that simple words and short sentences are used to communicate.

Effective communication – Simple and short.

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  1. jmalhotra says:


    simple words and short sentences with a meaningful and effective message is always good and effective …

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