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Good Reasons for some Good action.

Good Reasons for some Good action.

Every action must be oriented towards a good objective.

Wishes for a Good Morning,
Dishes for a Good Food,
Deeds for a Good Reason,
Reads for a Good Lesson.
Bends for a Good act,
fends for a good pact,
Brands for a good cause,
Stands for a good pause,
Mouths for a Good Talk
Struts for a good Walk
Trees for a good Forest
Frees for a Good rest

Friendship Thoughts

Relationship a Kind so ultimate
Friendship you find in close mate,
Togetherness that binds with no ropes,
Tenderness that minds with care and hope

As our thoughts flow in Tandom,
Has lots of glow and freedom.
Together we stand in the hour of need,
Forever a grand flower indeed.

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2 Responses

  1. Swathi says:

    Nice reasons with ultimate meaning friend

  2. lkjhgf says:

    Loosing money, looses much;
    Looses a friend, looses much more.

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