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Human Mind and the Sea

As I watched the sea on several occasions, I wondered how it revealed its emotions and was caught in a very intriguing comparison with the mind.

The sea can be compared to the human mind. Just like the various states of mind, the sea also has its days when it is turbulent while there are times when it is extremely calm and tranquil.

The times when the sea in its ugliest form revealed by high tides lashing the shores, nobody dare venture near it. People stay away. Compare this when the sea is calm and friendly; people gather near the shores enjoying the cool pleasant touch of the waves.

The internal turbulence and turmoil or the calm serenity of the mind is visible for others to judge.

Think and relate the similar states of the human mind with the reactions of the society. I am sure the people will react much the same way as they would with the sea. An individual in a turbulent state of mind would react in a very nasty manner, because of the fact that he/she is not able to control the emotions, results in people staying away from the individual. An individual who is calm and balanced, definitely is much more friendly, acceptable and approachable. There is warmth and pleasantries creating an atmosphere of togetherness.

However there is a difference, which if understood, will benefit the individual and the society. The various states of the sea cannot be controlled, while the human mind is definitely controllable. This ability to control ones emotions differentiates the ordinary from exceptional.

Let us all try to control our emotions, especially the turbulent ones and do not vent our feelings externally, which will only affect our relationship with others. Warmth and camaraderie will make the society a peaceful haven.

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