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Membership in multiple blogging sites

Blogging as I understand is a recording of ones original thoughts in the world of web space. It is also a showcase of ones creative talent presented in a cogent and thought provoking written form.

Iam sure everyone will also agree, that to present ones thoughts, requires a lot of time and effort. Even the most prolific of writers have these limitations. It is extremely difficult to churn out reams and reams of contents.

Considering the current point of discussion, I have no clue as to how the current day generation of bloggers is able generate contents by dime a dozen. But from my experience of blogging in a very short span of 2 months, Iam able to surmise, one key factor. That is copying contents that are not theirs. There are others who participate in many similar blogging sites simultaneously, and post the same contents probably their very own, in all of them.

Most blogging sites have certain norms, which clearly prohibit copying contents across sites, even if those be of ones own. Despite these stringent norms, bloggers ignore such clauses with no conscience.

Membership to multiple blogging sites, is clear lack of loyalty and adherences to norms. Such bloggers fail to realize that this is only leading to the death of most blogging sites. And these are the bloggers who are solely responsible.

I hope all will be aware of the story of the hen, which laid golden eggs. A hen used to lay a golden egg everyday and the farmer was quite happy. One day greed overtook him. He wanted to have all the golden eggs from the hen in one day and so ripped the chicken apart , only to find that there were no golden eggs in it.

The story of MIDAS is also another classic example of how greed kills ones happiness. The gift out of greed which he got was the golden touch, which lead him to convert everything that he touched to gold. He touched his beloved daughter and she too was turned to gold. Even the food of his turned to gold. Despite all the gold, he was totally lost man.

My sincere advice to all bloggers is do not kill this golden goose. Make money, but chose different forms of money-making options, like pay per click. Paid to view etc, but do not opt for the same type in more than one blogging site. If your not happy with one move over to another, but do not show partial loyalty to all.

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14 Responses

  1. admin says:

    We concur with Service_To_All. Do not publish your posts more than once. By doing so, it will be treated as a spam content by the search engines and they lose their significance. Please do not post twice or thrice though you are the owner of it.

    I can see that eBlogs is the only multiblogging website that has unique content and it is not possible without YOU. I know that you are getting less amount for your work, but you will get the same or even less if you are participating in other sites too.

    Soon, we are launching an Adsense revenue-sharing site, so participate there too and see how much you can earn. This gives you a clear idea. If your content is too good and is in line with the hot topics on World Wide Web, then only you can earn a good amount.

    So, blog here to become a member of unique bloggers and share your thoughts with them. Together, we will find other earning opportunities. Soon, we will be posting two of them at eChat. Register at http://www.eChat.in and post if you know any. We thank Moksha for posting reviews on scam and legit sites.

    eBlogs Team

  2. jmalhotra says:


    everytime it is not the money for which we blog..to some it is like an addiction..for which they look for various sites to deliver the best of their thoughts….anyway posting the same content but of their own is not a harm..provided they are written by them and not a copy past…

  3. Service_to_all says:


    What is right for one may be wrong for another. Each site has its own rules and guidelines. Each blogging site is a society in itself and just as in a society where certain rules and norms are to be followed, here to the rules framed by the site are to be strictly followed. If you dont like the rules you are at liberty to move out, which is what I have stated in the last line of my blog.


  4. betterlife says:

    I will agree with you if people copy and paste their own blogs from other sites just to increase number of posts so that they can earn some money. But there is another aspect of this.

    When a person posts a blog on a site, it contains the information and knowledge the person has about the subject, coupled with his or her views about it. With time, the person acquires more knowledge and information on the subject, even his or her views may get changed/modified to some extent. Now, this person wants to share the new found information and knowledge with others. How does he do it? Write a new blog post on the same site or post a blog on another site? He may not be permitted to write on the same subject on the same site. He writes a blog on the same subject on another site without looking in to the earlier blog OR take assistance from the earlier blog and modifies it to introduce new information and knowledge.

    What will be right in your opinion? I will request Admin also to share views on this subject.

    “प्रेम करो सबसे, नफरत न करो किसी से”
    “Love all, Hate none”

  5. admin says:

    Actually this problem raised due to members posting the same posts on other similar-to-eBlogs websites where you are paid or revenue-shared for maintaining a blog.

    If the member wants to modify or edit the content, he/she can always go to the old post and edit it or request us to delete the old one and post the new.

  6. Service_to_all says:

    Hello sir,

    As you have mentioned, there is a new found thought or a change in the original thinking and so the contents of the article will be and has to be different. In such a scenario, a new blog can be created summarising the previous thought process and introducing the revised or additional contents.


  7. dulaliputra says:

    You are true. We should adhere to rules and regulations of the site we join to blog. At the same time we are at liberty to quit. money is also a matter here. If one earns to his reasonable satisfaction through his own , absolutely own creation there is no reason to shift or quit. If the admin changes the blog site to another site stopping payment for blogging I am sure many will leave or quit.
    I hope admin will not take such steps like following others to stop the system of payment for blogging and shift but will continue to pay us for blogging which will give us pleasure in addition to the pleasure of expressing ourselves through blogging.
    Again, if one can(!!) write on different subjects ( absolutely own) and post those in different blogs , what is the harm.

  8. Service_to_all says:

    Hello sir,

    Writing on different subjects in different sites is no harm and valid. It is only when the same article is posted on several sites, that it is questioned, as each site wants its site to be unique.


  9. admin says:

    It is not about participating at different sites, you are free to participate in “n” number of sites. It is about pasting the same article on different sites where you are paid to write.

  10. asomormridul says:

    What I had read in your site was what I was doing until a couple of months back. I was writing the same topics in all the blogging sites I had joined. But when I learnt about that, it was too late. I was not copying others contents unless my own creations demands that. I mean in two of my blog posts I had partially copied few lines and I had mentioned in that same blog from where I had copied it. I don’t think I had done something wrong doing so in that post but what i feel sorry is that publishing my posts in all the sites.

    Anyway, this will keep the budding bloggers aware of the things around. NICE POST.

  11. Service_to_all says:


    Making a mistake is human, but when one realises it, repents and takes steps to avoid making similar mistakes knowingly, then one is pardoned.


  12. Sulochana says:

    It is right . But I don’t consider it bad to write about the same topic in different sites . But I think each time we shoud write it differently .It is somehow an opportunity to look at things in different prospectives .

  13. vinaykiran79 says:

    The post was very informative for the young or new bloggers like me. I used to do so and now i clearly understand the concept of blogging and how to develop a quality blog. But i would also say that many of the contents in the sites are not clearly understandable by the common man, so i would say a small alteration to the language and the presentation will matter a lot, and i think you should allow such things in the blog. Pls share your opinion with me….

  14. Service_to_all says:


    Any presentation in owns style is absolutely perfect. After all concepts are always there. But the originality comes in only when there is some value addition that is put in and explained in an understandable form.

    What is objectionable is when the articles are copied verbatim.


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