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Music and Therapy

Music has a definite impact on the psyche of most humans. The soothing effect it has can never be expressed in as many words, but the results it has, can definitely be felt not only by the person experiencing but also by others interacting.

Before we analyse the effect of Music and its therapeutic effects, we will have to first understand what is music, the mind and effect of music on the mind.

Music is believed to be beyond language, that it has no language barriers. Music as per Webster dictionary is a arranged sequence of tones to give a continuous composition. However music cannot be given a set definition as it gives different connotations to different people. It is also considered to be a science, a mathematical expression, physical exercise and art by some.

Coming to the brain, it is believed to be a system, which takes inputs from various sense organs, analyses and generates an output. The mind can retain things as memorized and can also do some analysis to give several different dimensions and meaning.

The impact of music on the psychology of the audience can be very easily seen; by the way the music directors use the background music. Depending on the storyline sequence at various points, the background music is set to enhance the mood.

Music can divert the mind from what is being currently focused which if considered painful, to a more pleasant thought process. This process of diverting the mind through music, when utilized in a scientific manner by understanding the psyche of the patient and prescribing the right sequence of tones (Music), can be considered Music Therapy.

Music can be used to look into various aspects of emotions, social requirements and many such human psychological and physical want. It is believed to reduce tension and pressure and at times even reduce even physical pain.

Music is one of the greatest gifts of god, which could be used to bring peace and tranquility to all.

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4 Responses

  1. dulaliputra says:

    Music is the great healer. Music applied on plants enhanced their growth. So it has its long lasting effect on this world.

  2. jmalhotra says:


    music is the best stress buster..human race is blessed with this gift from GOD…I LOVE MUSIC

  3. siddhinfo says:

    Is music therapy really works? I don’t know about it much.
    Visit my blog and comment on it

  4. Service_to_all says:


    The music therapy works so long as your heart and mind are tuned to doing good things and selfless thoughts and actions.

    I hope you understand what Iam trying to point at.


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