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Old age Homes and Orphanages

Has anyone thought for a moment as to why, the Home for the aged and the Orphanages are on the increase? As I was pondering on this subject, a couple of annually celebrated days came to my mind. The Valentines day, the Fathers day and the Mothers day are some of those which immediately rang a bell. On a very macro level everything seemed to be fine as one of self-expression.

I went deeper into analyzing these special days and some mind disturbing thoughts lay clear in front of me. The Orphanages was first to hit the list ad then the old age homes. These have been the result of aping alien culture surrendering the age old customs and traditions of caring for parents and child upbringing.

The so called annually celebrated days have been promoted with a clear business intent, imported from the western culture, but the intellect in us have easily succumbed to those. This may be my personal opinion and I donot expect every one to endorse. Valentines day plays a vital part in the first step toward alienating from the parents, who believe that their experience alone would help decide an ideal partner for their children. The children think otherwise and having made a choice against the parent’s wishes, a crack in the relationship develops. Once a crack develops in any relationship it is difficult to bridge the same. Added to this is, that the needs have also increased, thanks to the aping of the western culture. The education levels of both the sexes have also opened a wide vista for financial independence leading to both the partners opting for a career. What is the result, the aged parents become a hindrance as people don’t have the time to take care of them. Had the parents been responsible for the choice, either parties could definitely make some adjustments, but that is not the case as the bridge has widened significantly by then. The best choice the children fall back is on to push the parents to old age homes, as they have the financial strength to support.

Coming to the children, some are born out of wedlock and the best away to dispense is to leave them as orphans. The other reason is the fast paced life and the career takes prominence over home building and childcare, leaving them to the care of housemaids. by both the partners. The children are pampered by way of pocket money as they have the financial strength, but little do they realize that it is an escapist route to fill their alter ego of not providing the care and attention they ought to have provided to their children. The result is that the children go astray, leading to juvenile delinquents, who end-up in orphanages.

Valentines –> Oldage Homes –> orphanages.

All those who do not take care of their parents and children, fail to realize, that they will be in a similar position when they become old.

Purely my thought and people have the right to disagree.

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