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Power of Concentration – The Key to Success

Success and failures are part of the progress in life. However success and failures have to be handled differently. It is also to be observed that despite the differences in the way the two are to be handled, there are some aspects, which one needs to consider which are common to both. One of the key common factors for both success and failure is Concentration.

Success tends to create an aura of invincibility, which is dangerous and most often disturbs the focus, leading to lapses in concentration.

Similarly successive failures, makes one to think of the failures there by preventing one from bringing back the focus to the task.

This can be amply seen in our cricketing world, which most of us are familiar. There have been several instances, when batsmen after achieving a milestone like having scored a century, a double hundred, tend to throw away their wicket. This is due to the sudden shift in the focus from continuing the task, to the euphoria of success. Similarly, the failures of capable batsmen were mainly due to the lack of concentration and letting their thoughts drift to those aspects not relevant to the game or failures that have gone behind.

The essence of concentration can be best understood from the Mahabaratha. Dronacharya, who was the guru for the Pandava brothers, wanted to test the concentration power of the five brothers. He kept a small wooden bird on the treetop. One by one the Pandava brothers were asked to shoot at the bird placed, and before they took their aim, they were asked as to what they saw in front of them. Each one gave different objects except the bird, and invariably they failed to hit the target. Arjuna finaly was aksed to shoot, and before he took his aim, Dronacharya asked him what he saw. Arjuna said that he saw the Eye of the bird. That was the power of his concentration, which enabled him to become a perfect archer.

Hence both failures and success require the power of concentration. Concentration will be required to retain ones focus while reaping success and the also to bring back the lost focus due to failures.

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  1. lkjhgf says:

    Concentration tends to move our mind power which plays a important role in deciding success or failure.

  2. abhirup20002 says:

    Yes concentration is the main key of all powers. Anyone can do a hard work only if he concentrate himself in that job. Every thing depends on it. Concentration is not very easy thing but anyone can do it with his willpower.

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