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Sad episode of a brilliant Boy

The Academic Brilliance
Sonu (Name changed) the youngest son amongst a large family of 2 elder brothers, 3 elder sister and a younger sister, was a brilliant boy academically. He finished his engineering from a leading university with honors. He had dreams of pursuing his master from some university in the US. His parent though aged at that time, was quite independent.

The Family
All his sister were married off and well settled, while his brothers chose their life partners, despite coming from an orthodox family. Sonu’s parents did accept them genuinely. Sonu’s plans to go to an US university materialized and his academic laurels gave the financial support by way of university grants. He left for the US on his own strength financially, not depending on any of his siblings. He even did odd jobs as bell boy after college hours to get some extra $, which he sent back home to his parents.

Time passed and in a couple of years Sonu successfully completed his master and was immediately placed in a multinational company.

Back Home
Back home things were not going well for his parents. Age was catching on them and his sister-in-laws had other plans. Sonu’s brothers were convinced by their wives to leave their parents to fend for themselves, though some financial support was provided by the brothers. The brothers after all had a little bit of humanity in them, realizing that the parents needed physical and moral support, decided to bring back Sonu to India. They hatched a beautiful ploy. Sonu’s brothers started a business in India, which even an average graduate could take care off and did not require a US educated masters degree holder. They painted a rosy picture of the business doing extremely well and that he could come down to India to take care of the business as well as the aged parents.

Return from US
Sonu though realized the intent of the brothers, that his brothers sole purpose of bringing him back from the US was only to take care of his aged parents, knowing pretty well his brothers and his sister-in-laws. He decided to throw his cosy and well paying job and return to India.

On Sonu’s return to India, he was taken aback to find that the business was an ordinary automotive spare parts re-selling business and the market being highly competitive was also not doing well. Having taken a decision to come back and support his aged parents, he started to rebuild the business. In the mean time, his parents arranged for his marriage and Sonu, went ahead with his marriage purely on the advice of his parents.

The first few months of married life was smooth and it is then that problems started for Sonu. His wife also was not willing to support him in taking care of his aged parents. Her grouse was that why should Sonu alone take the responsibility, especially being the youngest. Sonu tried his level best convincing his wife. Sonu was caught in vortex of problems, with business problems, domestic problems created by his wife and his aged parents.

Start of his Problems
Sonu’s wife became pregnant, and as is the normal practice Sonu’s wife left for her parents home who lived in a “C” class city south of India, for the delivery of their first baby. Sonu became a father to a beautiful male child. Sonu started visiting his wife and child regularly. When the time came for Sonu’s wife and his son to return back to join Sonu, his wife threw a bombshell at Sonu. She gave him only one option and that was for Sonu to dismantle his business and join her at her parents place, leaving his helpless parents at their mercy.

Sonu tried everything in his capacity to convince his wife to return. His brothers, parents friends all promised her that she could live separately, but close to Sonu’s parents home. But she wouldn’t listen. She was adamant and insisted that Sonu should join her in her parents place. Sonu realized that his very objective of returning to India was to take care of his aged parents and decided that he would continue to support and take care of his parents. Sonu and his wife started to live separately and it appeared that there could be no meeting point.

Things started to take a serious turn and Sonu’s wife opted for a divorce which was granted. Sonu, was hit psychologically on all fronts. He was not able to concentrate on his business. The business started to crash and so was his life. His parents passed away and Sonu was left an Orphan despite having brothers and sisters.

Mental Wreck
Today Sonu is living a life of mental wreck, penniless, left on the streets and no one to take care.

As I end this episode, my eyes are filled with tears.

Iam not sure who is to be blamed. I leave it to the readers to decide.

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3 Responses

  1. betterlife says:

    What has happened has happened. No purpose will be served by blaming anybody.

    I feel sorry for Sonu, but I praise him as he has done a good job. He looked after his parents and this must have made him dearer to God. Now he is on his own. He has to start his second innings. Forget about the past and start with a clean slate. He has the capability. He should realize his strength. God is there. He should start on the new path taking God with him. I will pray for him.

    You know him. Convey my best wishes to him.

    “प्रेम करो सबसे, नफरत न करो किसी से”
    “Love all, Hate none”

  2. nishunishaa says:

    i agree with better life

  3. Service_to_all says:

    As I read and and re-read my heart is filled with sadness. Where has he gone wrong, I fail to understand.


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