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Some are above constitution and Law

Only in this country can we see some body treated above the constitution and the law of the land. This privilege has been invariably enjoyed by the dynasty. Either the criminal procedure code or the Indian penal code it appears is not applicable to them.

All would be wondering as to what this is all about. I am referring to Gandhi Dynasty (not the mahatma) and now specifically to the de-facto prime Minister, the supreme commander of the Congress party, Sonia Maino Gandhi. Being formerly the citizen of a neighboring country of the Vatican, the allegiance is owed more to the pope than to the Indian Constitution. When Sonia filed a false affidavit while standing for election in the Rae Bareily election, stating that she had studied in Cambridge, while the actual fact was that she had studied in an innocuous English language training school. Mr. Subramanya Swamy filed a case in SC court stating this fact, the honorable judges of the SC dismissed the case in a nonchalant manner, stating that the SC will not go on any act finding mission to find the veracity of the allegation. This is one instance of how the Dynasty is above law.

Coming to the current, Sonia Maino Gandhi has accepted ORDER OF LEOPOLD, from the king of Belgium, and to receive the same she went all the way to Belgium. By accepting this, she now owes allegiance to the King of Belgium apart from her allegiance to the Pope in the Vatican. The Election commission for once has acted in the true spirit of the constitution, and has issued a show cause notice as to why she should not be dis-qualified as a member of the parliament, under article 102(1) of the constitution. The reason for this show cause notice in simple terms means, that a member of the parliament cannot accept any title which forces allegiance and loyalty to that country and has to have allegiance only to India and its constitution.

This ORDER OF LEOPOLD, is no ordinary title or award, but of a much serious classification, which demands loyalty and devotion to the King and the country of Belgium.

This show cause notice should have come up even when A P J Abdul Kalam was the president, as he had passed on the representation from a lawyer from Kochi, to the then election commission, which had in it people like Navin Chawla and Quraishi, who have sworn their allegiance to the Gandhi Dynasty and the Congress and as a result no action was taken on the notice. This is another classic instance of how the constitution has been backwards to protect the dynasty.

Now once again the issue has come up, thanks to a sudden change in election commission’s attitude. We will have to wait and watch, whether once again the constitution and the law of the land will be manipulated for one representative of the Dynasty.

Note : On moral grounds also Sonia Gandhi should not have accepted the Order of Leopold. King Leopold of Belgium, was considered to be the most heinous mass murderer and practitioner of slavery in the history of humanity.

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  1. abhirup20002 says:

    Yes , this is our bad luck. But isn’t there any way to Stop this type of actions. As we the public wants to Stop this type of work . It should be think from now as the time never stop for us.

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