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The Supreme Power the Magician – We are all part of the Magic Show of Life

Life is like an optical illusion or Maya. What you see is, what is actually not what it is. God is the magician and we are all audiences and volunteers in a magic show of HIS. The only difference between the earthly magic show and the divine magic show is that, in the earthly magic show, everything a magician does is temporary and will have to return to the original state. Whereas the divine magic show is permanent.

The appearance of us on the earth is the birth and the dis-appearance the death. All that happens in between are part of the magic act of HIS. There are god things and bad things that we see, which are being enacted. It is upto the individual whether to fall or not, into the trap of being hypnotized into bad deeds.

One may then ask a question as to how magic shows are a success. The reason is simple. Any person performing hypnosis on others ensures that the volunteer is in a state of readiness for being hypnotized. Hypnosis is only a suggestive technique and the person is amenable to such suggestive acts and is controlled by the magician.

The next immediate question that would requires an answer is, can one avoid being hypnotised. The answer is a definite yes. Never show any mental fatigue externally in a magic show. Do not look directly into the eyes of the magician etc. The point that is of highlight is the to show Strong MENTAL CHARACTER.

Life of purpose, humility, nobility and greatness can be achieved, when one is able to control the mind. There are several great works of great souls, the epics like the Mahabaratha, Ramayana, the Vedas and Upanishads all are guide, which could be used as tools, for achieving this very purpose of controlling the Mind.

See only the good things, Hear Only Good words and Speak only Good words and automatically the Thoughts and actions will be Only GOOD

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