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Truth Prevails

Good prevails over evil. Dharma prevails over adharma. Similarly truth prevails over untruth. If this is understood in letter and spirit, nothing can go wrong.

To practice to be true, is no difficult task, but the problem comes only when motives take control over the mind, leading to falsehood taking prominence. The first lessons that one should learn in practicing truth are to be true and honest to oneself. It is a general belief that things within oneself are difficult for others to determine and thereby projecting falsehood about oneself. This is the starting point of one tending to be untue.

To be untruthful can most times benefit one and may be to others, though for a brief period and temporarily, but it can never last for ever. To be untruthful for ones own benefit may be easily understood, but one may ask to how this could benefit others. To call a spade a spade, may be too harsh on the other person, and to escape from a situation, one may present a rosy picture of the other persons action, despite knowing that fact is otherwise. This might make the other person happy temporarily, but his mistakes would definitely emerge probably in much larger proportions.

I remember a story which I read during my school days, which will enable one to understand how hard truths should never be curtailed.

A young widow was living a frugal life along with her young son. The tough life, which the boy’s mother was leading, was unbearable to him. To make his mother comfortable, he started to steal petty things. The boy brought home his small booty every day. The mother knowing pretty well that those were stolen did not reprimand him, because she was given to understand by the boy that he was doing only to make her life more comfortable. As years went by, the petty stealing habbit developed into much larger scale and during when of his stealing attempts, he killed the person from whom he was attempting to steal. He was caught red handed. He was handed the death sentence. The man was asked as to what his last wish was. To which he said that he wanted to meet his mother. The mother came and was weeping for her son. The son asked her to come near him. He immediately pounced on her and started to strangle her, and said, “I would not be in this situation had you been truthful and told me that what I was doing was not correct” This is a lesson to all that what ever be the outcome, truth should not be hidden.

Truth and truthfulness alone will prevail.

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3 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:


    Thank you Nisha for your motivational words. In fact this is something which I realised only a couple of months back.

    Please read my article

    Writing – My newfound Satisfaction

    I intend collecting all the articles that I have written in eblogs and look for a publisher who will do that for me.


  2. nishunishaa says:

    ya atleast they have learnt a lesson…y don’t u start writing a book. you write so well…

  3. lkjhgf says:

    Whats the title u have decided, Artful living?
    or something else “My new found satisfaction” is also a good title.

    The virtue lies in the struggle, not the prize.

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