What right has India to ask for clemency to Sarbjit Singh

Sarabjit Singh who has been convicted by a Pakistani court for allegedly being responsible for Bomb blasts in 1990, has now been issued a warrant for carrying out his death sentence on April 1st.

Indian external Affairs minister and the Indian high commission are busy negotiating with their Pakistani counterparts to grant clemency to Sarabjit Singh on humanitarian grounds.

What right does India have in asking for clemency? Does this not tantamount to an interference, in the legal process of Pakistan.

Several questions will be asked on the cases against Pakistani terrorists who have been involved in the bomb blasts in India that have taken place since Independence. What will they do to the death sentence awarded to Mohd Afzal in the parliament attack. Should they show the same humanitarian considerations to Mohd. Afzal.

Any idea as to what would be the reaction of the general public of India if mohd. Afzal were to be given clemency.

Indian Govt. will have to answer a lot of question in this regard.

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  1. lkjhgf says:

    Why should Indian government interfere in such matters ?
    what they will get forthis?

    The virtue lies in the struggle, not the prize.

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