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White Collared Slave Trade

When one begins to think that slave trade and slavery have become history, it seems to be repeating now once again in the form of Indian Premier League (IPL), the brainchild of Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

Historically, human beings were traded as slaves to masters, who purchased them for a value, to do hard labor and keep the master satisfied for life. Various Govt. globally have been bringing in laws to curb and prevent bonded labor.

The wheel of life seems to be coming back to the times of slave trade, in the form of white collared slavery. These white collared slaves are none other than the current generation of cricketers, both national and international from various cricket-playing nations.

Eight national teams have been auctioned to leading business houses, actors, media etc, for a phenomenal sum. The entire auction amount has gone into the kitty of BCCI.

Today, various owners of the teams have conducted an auction for the players. The winning bidders of the players will have their services for a period of 3 years. The money that is being transacted even at the start of the project is phenomenal.

The money invested huge and the returns expected are equally phenomenal.

Guess who is going to pay for all these. It is none other than the cricket crazy public and media channels also doing the collections from the public by way of paid channels.

Does anyone realize that the media channels get their money from advertisers, and the rate per sec depends on the viewer ship. The media is getting double money by getting money from advertisers as well as the public.

It is high time the public demands that if advertisements are inserted in a channel, it cannot and should not be a paid channel. Why should the public pay for watching advertisements?

Please think about.

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