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A story!

There is one story from Mahabharat. It goes like this. I hope all of you know about Mahabharat. To explain in short, there was a group of 5 brothers (Pandav) and another group of 100 brothers (Kaurav). Pandav were religious and Kaurav were villainous. Kaurav played some dirty game and expelled Pandav to FOREST. Not being content with this, they planned to send one ascetic with 100s of his students to Pandav. Objective was that ascetic would ask them food and if Pandav cannot provide, they will be ruined by his curse. Pandav had one magic pot. One could get as much as food from it but only once a day. Kaurav timed visit of ascetic in such a way that ascetic would visit Pandav after that pot had been utilized for that day. He kept ascetic in dark regarding his real motives. Krishn was friend of Pandav.

So ascetic went to Pandav and asked food. He told them that he along with all his students is going for bath in the river and Pandav must keep food ready for all before his return. Pandav were extremely worried. While ascetic was busy in taking bath, Krishn approached Pandav. Pandav thought they could now be getting some solution. Instead Krishn asked them some food for him. Draupadi, wife of Pandav, told him that she could not arrange food for him because the magic pot had been used and washed for that say. Krishn asked to look for anything that might have escaped washing. Draupadi checked pot and found that one leaf of some preparation was sticking to the pot. Krishn demanded that. He swallowed the leaf and told Pandav that satisfied him. Krishn, being omnipresent, carried that feeling of satisfaction right up to the hearts of ascetic and students of ascetic. All of them felt that their belly is full and would not be able to eat any thing. Thinking that it would be difficult to face Pandav and accept their hospitality, he went away.

That is if GOD or SAINT ask something from you, their motive is to bring you comfort.

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2 Responses

  1. lkjhgf says:

    meaning ful story from which everyone should learn a lesson and implemnt in their life.

  2. ShreeRadha says:

    Welcome !
    In today’s world you will find people expect God to fulfill their wishes but are not willing to give anything to God. What you say? Secondly, people are also not aware that to get a genuine saint or God as receiver is very difficult.

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