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About geting to God.

There is one important consideration about having brain. Either you should be so intelligent that with your own intelligence you will discover that there is a world beyond reach of intelligence or you should be so dumb that you accept whatever a saint tells you and follow him without allowing any doubt to creep in your mind. Both can get God. People lying in between create doubts for themselves and others too and therefore, cannot succeed in getting God.

To be meek is not to rely on anyone other than God. Because no one likes meek person and no one accepts such person except God. God is very easily accessible to the meek persons. The world is after worldly possessions and meek person is devoid of all such possessions. It automatically follows that meek person will not get any support from anyone in this world. And God always supports such persons, who don’t even rely on their own strength. Strength of strength less person is God. The condition is you should feel totally strength less and do not rely on anyone else’s strength.

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