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Alive or Dead?

I was sitting alone

On riverbank

You passed nearby

I walked behind you

Like a person entranced


Beautiful dark blue complexion

Dark and attractive curls of hair

Mind gets entangled

Like a fish in the net.

The colourful peacock feather

Waving merrily with air

Takes mind along

Like free ship on the waves

Orange lines on the forehead

Striking lightening in the air

Gripping mind with loving air

With lightening exhilaration


Beautiful artistic eye brows

Mystic magical eyes

To look once in them

And lose mind for all the time


The elixir that rays out

When you eyes move

To indicate me

To follow you.


You did the trick

You only can save

From going to brink


I sold myself to you

You carry me alive

or leave me dead!

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