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Astrology, Meditation and Devotion

The essence of astrology is to know what could be there in store in future, as you said, through careful analysis various forces and factors. It does not have any effect on mind itself. The basic problem is satisfaction cannot stick to the mind for long due to impure state of mind. This need of being happy keeps everyone engaged in some activity or other. Activities like looking into the future do not address the basic problem. Such activities might bring in temporary happiness. The short-lived happiness rather aggravates the situation by making the mind more impure. Astrology is not the answer. Meditation is again concentration, which mind finds difficult to achieve. Devotion on other hand allows mind to work in its most enjoyable way – through love. Love is something, which every mind approves. The outcome of meditation is that one gets to see Lord sitting in front for time infinite as one sees Lord in one’s own heart while practicing mediation. The practice of meditating on some point or other material object is again useless as it fails to purify mind. Devotion takes you the place where Lord behaves as one’s beloved. There is no barrier of any sort between soul and God. All senses can have experience of God. Soul can talk to God, see him, hear him, and touch him. Soul can have lively conversation with God. Even there are games to play. It is all together a different world, where rivers of divine happiness are continuously flowing and soul is immersed in divine excitement all the time!

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