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Best love

A devotee who loves Lord tells him:

I don’t desire wealth, position, prestige and relatives. I don’t desire to possess any skills of any sorts that will make me popular. I can never desire for a beautiful and charming girl because I know she will stand between you and me. Nor do I desire to get released from sufferings and cycle of birth and death.

My only desire is to LOVE you, to see you happy life after life till the time infinite. Won’t you, who are almighty, fulfil my little wish?

Original in Sanskrit by Chaitainya Mahaprabhu.

I don’t care whether my beloved is beautiful or displeasing. It doesn’t bother me whether he is virtuous or villainous. I’m least worried whether he is full of compassion or hatred. All that I know is I cannot live without Krishn. He is my only destination. (Original in Sanskrit Scripture)

O You seeker of Girls! Krishn! You can behave in only three ways.
You can love me and embrace me and accept me as your own. You can ignore me and put me under great distress of being ignored. Make me suffer from pangs of separation. You can disdain me, hate me or kill me with your famous weapon -Sudarshan Chakra. It’s my challenge that my LOVE to You will be the same in all these situations.

(Original in Sanskrit by Shri Chaintanya Mahaprabhu)

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