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Charity, Kindness etc.

It is evident that all charity, kindness done without remembrance of God leads to further contamination of heart and, therefore, termed as sin. Sin is something, which should not be done, which has bad effects. You also do not know how the receiver will utilize your charity alms. Depending on the use of charity received, donor receives the effect. If the receiver puts charity to bad use, donor has to bear its effect. While donating, donor assumes that it will be put to good use and mind is not sure of end use of the donation and that is the reason why end use of charity matters. Thinking of God (Divine thinking) purifies the heart. Therefore, if some one is associated with outward actions, which are seemingly sinful, but if his or her mind is attached to God, God does his job of heart purification because God notes only mind and not external actions. In fact, he or she is not committing any sin – a deed that will bring bad effects to the doer or anyone else associated with the deed. Gopis had illicit relationship with God, a seemingly sinful action but they received divine ecstasy in return and not hell, which is the abode for individuals having illicit relationship with other mayic personalities .

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