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Concentrated efforts in one direction can only yield results. And you are always in some compartment for that matter. Compartment of thinking that there should be no compartments. When there are so many schools of thoughts, you’ll have select one of them. This selection cannot be regarded as compartment. You select courses for your studies. The selection is usually based on which is the best. And nothing could be better than to have personal relationship with God. There IS difference in two disciplines. No one can force anyone else to give up something unless a person takes decision himself. All that can be said is if we compare two, Divine Love is much better approach from both point of views.

1. From point of view of practice.

2. From point of view of final reception of happiness.

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4 Responses

  1. jmalhotra says:


    Love is the language of all religions…it can win the heart of all ..and can do anything in life…

  2. ShreeRadha says:

    Welcome ! you are right there. But love to be personal form …Only in Hindu religion!

  3. Service_to_all says:


    Can you explain what this means “Compartment of thinking that there should be no compartments”

    The essentials of good communications is to ensure that the other party understand.
    This post needs more clarity.


  4. ShreeRadha says:

    Welcome ! Compartment is selecting one line of thought without mixing it with other lines of thoughts!

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