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Conversation 1: Love is Need based.

Conversation 1: Love is Need based.

shreeradha: radhe radhe
A: Krishna,
A: how are you,
shreeradha: u know there is a song…. Go on saying Radhe, Krishna will follow you. Fine thank u. how r u?
A: how beautiful,
A: yes,
A: Krishna can’t live withut Radhe,
A: and Radhe without Krishna,
shreeradha: right
A: so were ever radhe goes, krishna goes,
A: such a beauty,
shreeradha: right!
A: indeed love is beautiful,
shreeradha: there nothing more beautiful than love !
A: yes, divine love,
A: all love is divine,
A: one we become divine
A: all love becomes divine,
shreeradha: No. Love that has infinite magnitude is divine
A: how you know,
shreeradha: Because finite loves ends one day. That is the meaning of word finite but divine love never recedes, so it is infinite
A: is what I mean,
A: but love transcends everything,
shreeradha: even death
A: I have nurtured squirrels,
A: and felt their love
A: and I loved them as my children
A: I have nurtured plants,
A: and felt their love,
shreeradha: all material living beings do exhibit love.
shreeradha: but their love is not pure
shreeradha: in the sense that
shreeradha: their love is based on what they get
A: you think
shreeradha: yes?
shreeradha: what i think?
A: that they feel love based on need,
A: do we?
shreeradha: right. if need is fulfilled, love is, we develop love
A: so how we develop love of God?
A: based on what need?
shreeradha: initially yes!
shreeradha: as heart gets more n more pure
shreeradha: divine loves comes in
A: Ok, and then?
shreeradha: when heart is 100%pure, mind becomes divine by grace of guru
shreeradha: and then one gets pure divine love
A: how is that guru gives divine mind?
shreeradha: because guru has infinite power at his disposal. Therefore he can turn our mind into divine one. For such transformation, heart must be completely pure. To purify heart we first do Sadhana of developing love for God.
A: ok,
A: I understand ,
A: thank you.

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5 Responses

  1. ShreeRadha says:

    God is there everywhere even in inanimate objects and of course in living beings. But we do not perceive other living beings as God and hence our love to them is not divine.
    A simple yard stick for divine love, if you get the divine love, you will have God as your servant although your only wish is to serve God!

  2. Service_to_all says:

    You are wrong. There is a Confusion in roles and responsibilities. A servant is only a name given to the job performed. The person still remains and has godliness. The fact you have classified a servant, there is no love in you for anything.


  3. Service_to_all says:

    Do not generalise. That is your perception. Can you explain the act of Narasimha avatara?


  4. Service_to_all says:

    Will you hate all objects other than what you perceive as god

  5. Service_to_all says:

    I guess there is also a philosophy that one can see god in another fellow living creature. If so showing love towards that isnt it divine?


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