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Death helps avoid Death?

It seems that members won’t reach any agreement on it. The diversity of opinions is because different persons have different perspectives. Although it is a fact that no one has ever survived from the time from which we know the history, no one is serious about death’s approaching as days pass on. There are saints who claim “God is the only way to surpass this barrier”. What is surprising is although we don’t have any alternative to it, our deep-rooted habits are strong enough not to make us believe in saints and God. Sex, eating, games and everything else other than God is pleasing to mind. It refutes all logic and gives importance one’s own thinking over that of saints”. People cannot conceive the idea that God is eternal and infinite happiness- the happiness that is far superior to any worldly happiness! The life is over but belief is firm — there is happiness in sex, in games, in wine, in friends! It never dies! Remember, when dies the belief that there is happiness in the world, mind takes look at the other alternative – God! Thus, the death of belief of happiness in this world prevents the death of person! The truth is either material belief has to die or the person, who carries this belief, has to die! It is extremely sad that in most cases the person dies and the belief remains intact even in the deathbed!

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