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Definition of God

Definition of God

The definition of God in Indian philosophy is – Through whom the world originates, in whom the world resides and in whom the world sinks!

In other words, God is the one from which this world comes out, through which the world remains active (Just as computer remains active through and in electricity) and in which the world finally dissolves. The cycle repeats infinitely.

We begin any action because we want to be happy, we are in any action because we are happy and we end any action because we want to be happy with some other action. That is, we live in happiness.

It is, therefore, rightly said, “The world has origin in happiness, the world resides in happiness (World is existing because it has capability to bring in happiness), and ultimately the world ends in happiness (In search of other avenues where happiness could be sought.)”

The logical inference follows: God is happiness.

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  1. Service_to_all says:

    That is the essence of God. God does not have a form. It is the way one perceives to be happy. Each ones happiness varies and how one looks at happiness to be is private and purely individual.


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