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Desolate Heart

This poem depicts the state of a lover whose beloved has departed and not returning back. But out of the love, lover refuses to accept the situation.
Through this poem the lover is trying to get the consolation through thinking that the beloved is not away, it is the problem in the eyes because of which beloved’s presence cannot be spotted out! And that tears are there to makes the eyes clean so that beloved can be seen.

Desolate heart trying to find consolation

That there could my eyes

Suffering from some disease

Could not spot your sight!

Faint eyes trying for your sight

Shed tears to bring some clarity!

There is some trouble with my eyes

For you won’t leave me

In this desolate plight!

So loving was your disposition

So assuring were your words

Hardly can I believe

You are away from me!

You must be somewhere near

Problem is my eyes!

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