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Dust Particles and Life

Dust Particles and Life

Life is like dust particles. A stream of air keeps floating dust particles in the air. They move along the direction of air. Settle somewhere for a while, once the wind stops. Again, another stream of air takes them along. There is no connection between dust particles. Just by chance, they come in contact with each other and separate again. Similarly, souls keep on floating as a cosmic dust in this universe, guided by their own deeds. There is no connection between souls. Just they settle in some life with some other souls. Those who realize this, develop relationship with God, those who don’t keep getting guided by materialistic forces of money, power, prestige, position, lust and so on. Sufferings and birth in lower species is the outcome. Only the moments passed in remembrance of God are passed in some constructive work. Rest has no value rather it has negative value! Negative because these moments take you away from God.

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