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else’s sufferings

If you experience someone else’s suffering, (which I doubt if at all possible!) it is not going to bring end to sufferings of other person. In order to remove them you must know their cause. Once cause is removed sufferings will be over forever.

I’m quite sure that you cannot experience THE SAME sufferings. You can experience ANOTHER SET of similar sufferings.

The truth is divine experience is that of infinite happiness. It is like you”re traveling towards some destination. If you are advancing towards it, well and fine. If you keep on diverting from one direction to other you may find yourself at the position where you started. As I”ve been telling there are many ways that lead to infinite happiness but all of them differ in their final quality of experience. If you want to get any divine experience you’ll have to stick to one path. And to stick to one path you’ll have to make selection sooner or later.

I wish to be little bit more clear. I”ve been stressing that God is powerhouse of infinite powers. I am discussing in my post how to approach God and how love approach is the best choice and from which point of views. Now I think there should be no confusion regarding it.

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2 Responses

  1. jmalhotra says:


    love is god and god is love …is the right way to make your life happy and the world around you…TO BE HAPPY AND MAKE OTHERS HAPPY

  2. ShreeRadha says:

    Welcome ! Love.. add divine to it. Then it becomes divine love is God and God is divine love. LOve in this world has many many limitations!

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