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Although it is true that God forgives and set us free of our debts of our sin, such pardon is not given without any base. Had it been the case (pardon to all irrespective of whatever one does), everyone would have been without sufferings by now. The base for pardon is pure heart.

Even bible confirms this view. “Those who are pure in heart shall see God.” You will find that without pardon no will be able to see God anytime! That is because every one has infinite past and infinite actions and therefore infinite outcomes which are to be borne by he individual. Thus unless someone brings in waiver for effects of our deeds, we will be subjected to such effects, till time infinite! No question of getting into divine world arises!

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  1. maquadeer says:

    God is the creator of the world and us he is the who can do anything and can pardon us for our sin.

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