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Gaurang Mahaprabhu

O Shyama, if one gets dust of your feet, what to speak of Maya (this world), he will throw even salvation to the dustbin! (Original in Hindi by Maharajaji)

A Story related to Gaurang Mahaprabhu

Gaurang Mahaprabhu said
Trina Dapi Sunichen
Tarorapi Sahishnunam
Amanniya Man Deyam
Kirtaniyam Sada Hari

Be more humble than blade of Grass
Be more tolerant than tree
Never expect respect from others
Give respect to all
Keep on remembering Shri Krishna all the time!

Prabhu is your beloved and you are his darling!

There is a story associated with Lord Gaurang. He wrote a beautiful commentary on one of the ancient Hindu scriptures. He was carrying his written document in a ferryboat. He read it out to his friend who was also traveling along with him. After reading was over, Gaurang saw his friend was crying. “What is the matter? My commentary is not good?” asked Gaurang. “No, in fact it is fantastic, the best I have ever read.” said his friend. “Why are you crying then?” Gaurang enquired. “You know, I have also written a commentary on the same scripture. I thought it was excellent. After listening to yours, my commentary looks like very ordinary one and no one is going to read my commentary, every one will read yours. That’s why I feel nervous.” Gaurang Mahaprabhu said, “Is that all? Look, I throw my book in the river.” And Gaurang, just to please his friend, threw his book into the river. What a love for friend! I am sure it not possible for any material person to exhibit such love! So kind and so compassionate and always ready to please his devotees, such was Lord Gaurang! All glories to Lord Gaurang!

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    It is very good thet in todays scenario when every one is praying for money there is some one who remind us that one should pray only GOD. thanx for sharing .plz visit my post also

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