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What is surprising is the resemblance of Gene is ascribed to EVOLUTION! Genes of two brothers are very similar BUT THEY DO NOT EVOLVE FROM EACH OTHER! Another way to explain is as atoms and molecules are not evolved from each other, although they have a lot of similarities in them, living beings too are not evolved from each other. It is true that atoms and molecules being inanimate they disintegrate and reform because there is no loss of life involved in case of protons and other such particles, but evolution is something different! If one can imagine random changes from Horse to Man then one can also equally imagine random changes from Man to Horse! If changes are in one direction, they are not random and in such cases owing to similarity of genes of a particular species, all of them should get converted to next one! That has not happened! Why today can’t you see any such evolution? Why it has stopped at man? There is absolutely no proof that there was emergence of different species from the existing one! The arrangement or speculation based on similarities cannot be taken as proof! If someone says so, I think he or she should be sent to mental asylum!

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