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Guruji Ego

Drop all load and shed all ego
Get relieved and feel lighter
In the company of a Saint!

Guru is the only well-wisher
The competent Master
Will see you through
This deadly spell!
Seek his blessing
The earlier the better
For only through his grace
You will find any divine trace!


So simple a job
Infinite time is lost
Everyone says
Problem is ego!

Every action is through ego
Even solution is through ego
How you get rid of ego?

True solution has no place for ego!
Only way is to accept
Pure ego as your ego

Ego derived from God
Pure ego of saints
Takes us beyond Ego!

Saints ego is altruistic ego
Rest ego is selfish ego!
Sanity lies in accepting to work
According to saint’s ego!

Ego if does not allow
To work according to divine saint
At the end of all anti-ego dose
You will find trapped
In endless cycle of increased ego!

Do not allow ego to be a barrier
In getting rid of ego!
Task is difficult
Still achievable
Way is to work
According to Saint’s powered ego!

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