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happiness logic ….

Happiness, Logic etc..

The area of search of happiness should be divine. It is not possible to have butter from water made white by dissolving white chalk in it although it looks very much like milk. In the same way, although it appears that happiness is present in this world, it is not there at all! It is actually available only in divine realm.

When someone concentrates on dresses, it is obvious that one is concentrating on physical body rather than divine soul. The spirituality is attainable only if requirements of soul are given importance. In that case, one would dress as simple as possible, so as to avoid attention of troublemakers. If mind is not at peace, spiritual practice is difficult.

If you haven’t come across any true saint, it does not mean that there are no true saints on the earth. Not seeing cannot be the proof of non-existence but seeing is the proof of existence. Through all these posts, I’m trying to focus on the very basic need of any living organism – to be happy! This is the only instinct that puts man or woman or any other organism into action. One can come to rest only if this purpose of being happy is served all the time. It is obvious to serve this purpose of being happy forever; happiness that remains forever is essential. To attain such happiness, one needs to be spiritual. Think of the happiest moment of your life. The exhilarating state of that moment is the one I refer to as exciting state! If you multiply it by infinite and if that happiness remains with you forever, it is divine happiness. This happiness is God.

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