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If you see the basic aim of any individual, it is to seek everlasting happiness. The very first page of the book “The Permanent Solution” proves that soul is in search of such never ending state of excitement. A constant search is on. During the search, mind adopts following procedure. Create desire; fulfill it to see if never ending state of excitement is achieved. That does not happen. Again a new search is on. You know that such happiness is available only with God and the reason of its non-availability to mayic (material) souls is impure state of mind. Mind is impure because it keeps on thinking impure objects, which lie under Maya (This world). Therefore, the thinking, which involves mayic personalities and other mayic entities, can only make mind further impure. In addition, as heart becomes more impure, one needs to take more efforts to clean it. Because there is no guarantee of kind of desires mind will create, it is most likely that mind will create more dirty desires, which lead to more sufferings. That is why it is said that “Maya is very powerful. It sends soul to heaven sometimes and to hell other times.” There is no permanent remedy to the sufferings of soul.

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