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You will notice that Hinduism does not make any distinction based on religion, caste, nation and so on, while defining soul. Soul is any living entity and therefore, all living organisms are covered under this definition. What you get in this life and after this life is governed by your own deeds, irrespective of religion and culture you belong to. Even to get birth in different religions and cultures is also governed by deeds.

The spiritual rules which are there are universal and they govern all souls. Whether you bet against Hinduism or not, you will be governed by those rules. Laws do not vanish just because someone refuses to acknowledge them. You will find it is true for scientific laws too. Scientific laws are in operation irrespective of refusal or non-refusal of their existence.

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  1. betterlife says:

    Very nice and well-composed thoughts about Hinduism. Hinduism is Sanatana Dharma (eternal religion). It is based on fundamental principles of love, peace, truth, equality and divinity of all living beings. These principles never change. Hinduism is not associated with an individual like many other religions.

    Love all, Hate none

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