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I have always felt that many times that we lose the opportunity because we are not aware of what opportunity is presented to us. I do agree that to become spiritual is not an easy job. However, human life, which is spent in the hope of getting happiness from this world, ends only pains and distress. I have argued earlier that happiness originates within mind. If mind loses capacity of generating happiness, one cannot be happy whatever amount of luxury is provided. If you are standing on bridge, which is constantly subjected to wear, a day comes when one falls in deep valley over which the bridge is constructed. Similarly condition of mind goes on deteriorating on constant intake of materialistic happiness and a moment comes when one drops down the valley of hell where all of a sudden he or she has to suffer to the extent to which no one would like to suffer. After getting such a jolt, mind regains some of its power of generating happiness and birth is given in the lower species. Slowly and slowly, after passing through millions of species, mind regains the power of generating happiness through human life. Therefore, hope of getting happiness or satisfaction from this life should be replaced by hope of seeking spiritual happiness. What I am trying to make out is one must first study the situation, its limitation and then only one should build some hope, so that he or she is not subjected to frustration, despair at a later stage.

Everyone has right to hope. True. Only thing is hope should be in the right direction. The hope that you will get butter from white water made of chalk will lead to despair some day while the hope of getting butter from milk of cow will materialize one day. Therefore, optimism is welcome only that it should be directed into proper channel

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