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Kripalu Charitable Hospital Mangarh, Pratapgarh District, UP Kripalu Charitable Hospital was opened in 2003 to meet the needs of over 350,000 citizens in four surrounding districts in Mangarh. Before Kripalu Maharaj and JKP opened the healing center, the closest hospital was located over one and a half hours away. This made medical help difficult to attain, especially for emergency visits. As of this writing, the highly skilled staff of Kripalu Charitable hospital have served the medical needs of over 250,000 children and adults. Additionally, the hospital distributes over $70,000 worth of medicine and vaccines every year. Nine full time staff physicians work at the JKP Mangarh Hospital and are supported by over 60 well trained volunteers. Three visiting physicians make regular trips to the facility and also provide much needed, free medical services. The services provided by the Mangarh center include providing free medicine and immunization services, as well as emergency services. The hospital also has a fully functional and state of the art maternity center where pediatric concerns are addressed. The JKP Mangarh branch also offers diagnostic testing and medical consultations. General and orthopedic surgery is offered along with gynecological care. The Mangarh Hospital was constructed with an imaging and pathology lab, and also lab equipment. JKP also regularly puts on National Eye Camps and Mother-Child Welfare programs where cataract surgeries and vaccinations are provided to those who need them the most.

Kripalu Charitable HospitalBarsana, Mathura District, UP Braj is a historic pilgrimage site located 150 km south of New Delhi. A poor rural population of over 200,000 surrounds this holy site. The wage in and around the village of Barsana is only 60 rupees per day, or around $1.50. The area has only one tiny hospital that is run by the government and lacking in adequately trained personnel. This hospital also lacks modern equipment, emergency services, regular hours or a central location. In order to meet the critical medical needs of this impoverished area, JKP has opened a state of the art hospital in Barsana. The first floor of the hospital was inaugurated in January, 2007 and opened to the public. The Barsana hospital has fully trained personnel working with advanced and sanitary equipment at no cost. The hospital currently serves about 200 patients per day. The services provided by Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj and JKP help bring joy and wellness into the lives of others. When the second floor is completed, the charitable hospital will have 50 beds. Currently, the hospital is ready to provide doctor’s visits, radiology, and ultrasound examinations. There are also allopathic and homeopathic pharmacies on the premises and the number of patients served is expected to triple over the next year.

Kripalu Charitable HospitalVrindaban, Mathura District, UP Located to the east of Barsana, and situated on the banks of the holy Yamuna River, lies the impoverished and densly populated town of Vrindaban. Poor nutrition and unfit sanitation are the norm in this scene, and existing medical facilities are not able to address the health needs of Vrindaban’s growing population. In keeping with their stated mission to provide aid and wellness to all people, Kripaluji Maharaj and JKP have purchased land and started building plans for a third charitable hospital. This proposed branch will serve the needs of the town and outlying areas free of charge. Highly trained medical professionals will donate their time and skill to better treat and prevent diseases and ailments. Construction of the Kripalu Charitable Hospital in Vrindaban is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2007. Your gift to JKP will help hasten this much needed project and is fully tax deductible.

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