Input-Process-Output Model of a Living Organism-1

Input-Process-Output Model of a Living Organism
This life can be compared to input-process-output model.

We have
1) Input devices : Our senses (they can also act as output devices)
2) Processing unit: Mind it processes input
3) Output : Decisions and Various sorts of feelings.

Real output of this model should be infinite happiness.
Reason: Those, who had controlled inputs and process of thinking well, ended up in getting divine senses, which could comprehend infinite exhilaration. Plenty of such examples are there in the form of saints.

If you wish to convert raw materials into desired output, you need to control the quality and quantity raw material, machinery conditions and process conditions to get desired result. Similarly, judicious choice of what to see, what to read, what to eat, what to drink, what to hear, what to touch, how to channel thinking yields divine happiness.

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